New Mitsubishi Triton
Work Hard Play Hard

The Mitsubishi Triton has everything you need to get the tough jobs done.

New Triton

Work Hard Play Hard


The Best Triton Ever has landed - with more torque, exceptional fuel economy, outstanding manoeuvrability along with a more spacious, quiet and comfortable cabin. This is one tough, reliable Pick-Up that drives like a passenger car - perfect for mates that work smarter and play harder.


Triton’s power assisted rack and pinion steering set-up provides the terrific manoeuvrability of an 11.8m kerb-to-kerb turning circle. So not only can you enjoy passenger car-like interior, you will also be able to steer around work sites and farms with greater ease.


Triton has got every detail covered to make even little tasks easier with features such as power windows and mirrors standard on every model so you can focus on the real job at hand.


When it comes to travelling long distances – whether for a weekend getaway, to inspect a remote site, or transport goods and materials, it’s important to be as comfortable as possible. Thanks to Triton’s easy-to-use cruise control, you can stay relaxed on the open road, reduce your fuel consumption and avoid the risk of accidental speeding. Simply set your specific speed, sit back, and enjoy the drive.


The Triton Double Cab’s Long Bed provides plenty of space for your carrying needs. The pick up models have a huge 1505mm in length and 460mm in height so you can load those bulky items in with no problems. Couple this with impressive power and torque and you can be confident that the Triton can move whatever you need it to with ease.


With an incredible amount of cabin space, Triton Double Cab easily carries five adults with plenty of leg, shoulder and headroom. Triton also boasts rear seat roominess and clever ergonomically designed wide rear door openings to get in and out with ease. Ride comfort is also smooth with superior cabin quietness and low vibration and interior noise levels..


You’ll find it tough to beat the powerful towing capacity of the Triton. The 4x4 diesel range can tow up to a huge three tonnes making it ideal for busy farms or worksites. Towing the farm equipment, dirt bikes, caravans or boats has never been easier.


Roomy enough for recreational gear and tough enough for working materials, the cargo bed has double-walled support structures to ensure long-term performance. Whether for work or play, Triton’s cargo bed hauls loads with ease. Inner hooks let you tie down your gear securely while the single handle in the rear gate gives you easier access when your hands are full.


The 5-speed 2.4L four cylinder 16 valve petrol engine is ideal for jobs around town providing impressive fuel efficiency. Combined with its power and torque this engine is a proven performer that will never let you down.

  • 94kW of power
  • 194Nm of torque
  • 5 speed manual


Offering the latest in Common Rail turbo diesel technology, this addition to the Triton range features an enhanced variable geometry turbo charger (VG T). The VG T works to optimize the turbine flow rate in order to achieve high torque at low speeds and maximised power at high speeds. The result is excellent emission control, fuel efficiency and high engine power for a superior performance that you can’t argue with.

  • 131kW of power
  • 400Nm of torque on 5 speed manual
  • 350Nm of torque on 4 or 5 speed automatic


enerating impressive power and torque for all of your towing and carrying needs the 2.5 litre diesel also offers exceptional fuel efficiency to take you further for less.

  • 100kW of power
  • 314Nm of torque
  • 5 speed manual or 4 speed auto

Sports Mode Automatic Transmission

Sports Mode means you can switch between the ease of an automatic or enjoy the control of a manual without a clutch. The clutch free operation reduces the rev and torque loss usually associated with engaging gears, meaning you can maintain momentum in off-road situations

INVEC S II Smart Logic

The Smart Logic transmission system learns and adapts to each driver’s preferences by recording engine and foot brake data. The control logic then adapts the gearshift timing to suit your driving style.


To provide essential protection in the event of a frontal collision, every Triton is fitted with driver and front passenger SRS airbags. Side and curtain SRS airbags are also available on selected models for optimal protection of driver and passenger - front and rear - in the event of a side-on collision. The side airbags inflate from the side of the seat to protect the torso while curtain airbags activate from the roof to protect the head. The front seatbelt systems also include pretensioners and force limiters that combine to minimise the potential for serious injury in the event of a collision.


At the heart of any integrated safety system is outstanding design. The Mitsubishi Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) design combines an energy absorbing front section with a strong, rigid occupant cell to provide outstanding passenger protection in the event of an accident. The RISE body is coupled with a rigid ladder frame, side impact bars, and collision absorbing joints. As evidence of the Mitsubishi commitment to safety in motoring, the Triton is well specified with a raft of active and passive safety features.

Anti-Lock Braking System

Making driving on slippery roads safer, Triton’s intelligent 4-channel, 4-sensor braking system monitors different wheel speeds and activates brakes to individual wheels when required to deliver superior control. This allows you to manoeuvre around objects under heavy braking conditions. 4x4 models feature Multi-Mode ABS which adapts braking forces to ideally suit each driving mode.

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution

This technology actively monitors different wheel speeds to detect vehicle loads and evenly distributes brake pressure across the front and rear wheels accordingly. Under heavier loads, EBD provides shorter braking distances while enhancing overall control.

Load Sensing Proportioning Valve

LSPV modulates rear brake pressure depending on vehicle load. Under light or no load conditions, it applies reduced braking pressure to the rear to prevent rear wheel lock-up. Fitted to vehicles not equipped with ABS.

Active Stability Control

Maintains stability and prevents loss of control when cornering, automatically recognising under-steer and over-steer and applying braking force to the diagonal wheel to keep you online through corners.

Active Traction Control

Helps you maintain traction on the most slippery or rugged of surfaces. This intelligent system automatically controls the engine output, so driving wheels are prevented from spinning. Sensing loss of traction in an independent wheel, it applies braking force to that wheel and sends extra power and torque to other wheels with traction to keep you moving.


Independent double wishbone and coil springs – just as tough, just as dependable, but giving you a far better ride than the old torsion bar front suspension traditional amongst older utes.


The new Triton has a raft of next ge neration to make easier and more enjoyable.

TECHNOLOGY From hands free Bluetooth® mobile phone operation, so you can talk without having to pull over , USB and iPod connectivity so you can listen to your favourite tracks and the State of the Art Mitsubishi Multi Communication System.


Put control at your fingertips – with the Mitsubishi Multi Communication System (MMCS) . With a 7-inch, colour screen, there’s a whole range of information that can help you get to your next job or destination on time– including advanced satellite navigation functions and touch-screen functionality. There are also several information and operating tools that give you important information on your Triton’s performance – including maintenance instructions, service reminders, and audio settings.


Triton has the latest hands-free phone system technology, with Bluetooth® phone connectivity. This allows you to make and receive calls at the touch of a button. All this is integrated through the vehicle’s audio system, so you can stay focused on the road


Got your favourite music stored on a USB? Selected Triton models are USB compatible – so you can connect and play MP3s wherever you like.


Incorporating the latest technology to make every drive a pleasure, the Premium Audio System on selected models is iPod compatible – which means you can charge and control your iPod.


The multi-function display provides endless information about your driving environment with clock and date, compass, barometer to help track weather conditions, altimeter to show how high you’ve travelled, range to empty reading, average fuel consumption and the temperature outside the car.

Super Select 4WD

The hard working Triton inherits all the 4WD-handling heritage from a long line of Mitsubishi rally champions. Superior to most 4WD systems the Triton’s Super Select 4WD offers full time 4WD with the option of four driving modes as seen below. The Super Select 4WD system also offers the benefit of on-the-fly shifts from 2WD to 4WD high range at speeds of up to 100km/h.

4H (Full-Time 4WD)

When the weather turns bad and the road gets rough, get added traction in 4H mode. This has the flexibility of a centre-differential with viscous coupling unit, providing excellent traction in unpredictable road conditions or on volatile surfaces.

4HLC (4WD High Range w/Locked Centre Differential)

Keeping you on track in rugged or slippery conditions, 4HLC distributes power equally to all four wheels to meet off-road challenges with a steady sense of control.


Enabling smooth control from the driver’s seat, the Easy Select 4WD system incorporates 2WD High Range, 4WD High Range and 4WD Low Range; three transfer modes to deliver high-speed driving comfort and superior traction for off-road situations. When added traction is required, the free-wheeling front differential enables you to shift on-the-fly (at speeds of up to 100km/h) from 2WD to 4WD high range mode, and when conquering the roughest terrain, Triton’s Easy Select 4WD also offers a 4WD low range mode.

Rear Differential Lock

4WD models are available with an optional rear diff lock to provide superior traction for heavy duty four wheel driving. When locked, both wheels receive the same amount of driving force, regardless of surface - meaning maximum possible traction in difficult situations.

Rear LSD (LIMITED SLIP Differential)

Triton is fitted with a Rear Limited Slip Differential to provide superior traction in slippery conditions through the transferal of driving torque from the slipping wheel to the wheel with traction. The hybrid type LSD gives excellent off-road response, combining the torque-sensing benefit of helical gears and a speed-sensing of a viscous coupling unit.

GLX - Club Cab 4x4 (Diesel)


  • 2.5L turbo diesel engine
  • 5 speed manual
  • Active stability control
  • Active traction control
  • ABS & EBD
  • Bluetooth technology

GLX - Single Cab 4x2 (Diesel)


  • 2.5L turbo diesel engine
  • Optional sports shift auto
  • Active stability control/li>
  • Active traction control
  • ABS &emp; EBD
  • Bluetooth® technology

GLX - Double Cab 4x4 (Diesel)


  • 2.5L turbo diesel engine
  • Manual or auto
  • Active stability control
  • Active traction control
  • ABS & EBD
  • 6 airbags

GLX-R - Double Cab 4x4 (Diesel)


  • 2.5L turbo diesel engine
  • 17" alloy wheels
  • Manual or 5 speed auto
  • Fog lamps
  • Rear power window
  • Super select 4wd

GLX - Single Cab 4x4 (Diesel)


  • 2.5L turbo diesel engine
  • Optional sports shift auto
  • Active stability control
  • Active traction control
  • ABS & EBD
  • Bluetooth technology

GL - Single Cab 4x2


  • 2.4L 16v petrol engine
  • 2.5L turbo diesel engine
  • 5 Speed manual
  • High rider suspension
  • Driver & passenger airbags
  • ABS and EBD
  • Optional bench seat

GLX - Double Cab 4x2 (Diesel)


  • 2.5L turbo diesel engine
  • Manual or auto
  • Active stability control
  • Active traction control
  • ABS & EBD
  • 6 airbags