New Mitsubishi i-MiEV
Plug Into The Future

As a tool for transportation automobiles are an indispensable element of our rich and varied modern lifestyles.

New i-MiEV

Plug Into The Future


As a tool for transportation automobiles are an indispensable element of our rich and varied modern lifestyles.

However they also have a significant impact on the environment throughout all stages of their lifecycles. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation makes continuous efforts to reduce the environmental impact of it's products. Environmental problems that vehicle manufacturers have to resolve include the prevention of pollution, and reducing dependence on petroleum.

The i MiEV is a zero-emissions vehicle. Even when taking into account CO2 emissions at the power plants that generate the power needed for charging the car, it emits only approximately 30% of the CO2 of a gasoline minicar.

i-MiEV Dash

Whilst the exterior may look radical, the controls are conventional and so easy to use. Remote central locking, power operated windows and door mirrors, an excellent audio system and plenty of storage areas. To make driving even more enjoyable, the optional satellite navigation system includes Bluetooth® hands free 'phone kit', and iPod connection.

Interior comfort & seating

i-MiEV's long wheelbase and tall stance provide a remarkable amount of room for such a compact car, whilst the large windscreen and low-slung dash make it feel even more space and ensure superb visibility. The 4 seats are comfortable yet supportive with heating for the driver's side seat.

Monitor the situation

The combination meter provides several gauges to help monitor the power situation. This operating system monitors battery performance including the amount of electrical power being supplier or generated.

Driving Charge

While driving you can choose from three forward drive modes: Drive, for normal driving conditions and maximum power; Economy for efficient energy use; and Brake mode which uses regenerative braking to convert the vehicle's momentum into battery power particularly when driving down steep hills.

Storage and versatility

Even with 4 passengers the i-MiEV allows 235 litres of cargo space but with both rear seatbacks folded forwards you get a remarkable 860 litres of flat, readily usable room. The i-MiEV's 50:50 rear seatback split gives you the flexibility of space you have come to expect from a Mitsubishi.

Tiny Turning Circle

A high seating position and large windows makes i-MiEV a great city car, and its tiny footprint, with even more notably tiny turning circle, ensures that it's superb for nipping around crowded city streets, while making the most of every parking space.


During driving, as soon as the accelerator pedal is released the motor functions as a power generator, converting the i-MiEV's kinetic energy into electricity to recharge the traction battery; this is known as "regenerative braking" and feels similar to engine braking in a petrol or diesel powered car.


Urban travel will transform from frustration to relaxation and never again will you need to stop for fuel, instead the i-MiEV comes with a cable for connection to a 15Amp household socket, giving you full charge in around seven hours, and a socket for connecting to a Quickcharge outlet which will provide an 80% charge in around 30 minutes.


Consisting of 88 cells, the i-MiEV's high density lithium-ion battery pack offers a fully charged target range of up to 150kms*. These batteries have extremely high energy density - meaning they are smaller, but more powerful than before, making them ideal for use in motor vehicles. The i-MiEV is 100% electric, so it produces no drive-time emissions. It's a simple equation - zero pollution equals zero CO2 released into the earth's atmosphere.


The i-MiEV's advanced electric motor requires no conventional transmission. There is no clutch between the motor and gearbox, which makes the design simpler than a conventional internal combustion engine powered vehicle and allows the high level of torque to be transmitted minimising loss through drive train restrictions. The motor is smaller, lighter and more efficient than a petrol engine and generates 49kW of power and 180Nm, delivering instant maximum torque even at low speeds.

6 SRS Airbags

A total of six SRS airbags including side and curtain airbags help protect the driver and passengers in the event of an accident. The anti-intrusion brake pedal helps prevent ankle and leg injuries in frontal collisions. In the event of a serious impact, seat belt pre-tensioners immediately take up any slack while the force limiters then ease seatbelt tension to help prevent inadvertent seatbelt injuries.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

i-MiEV is equipped with ABS, which allows the driver to maintain steering control of the vehicle, letting the driver manoeuvre around objects under heavy braking conditions.

Active Stability Control (ASC)

ASC maintains stability and control when cornering by automatically recognising understeer and over-steer. It applies brakes to the appropriate wheels to keep you online through corners.

Active Traction Control (ATC)

ATC helps maintain traction on slippery surfaces. When sensing loss of traction in an independent wheel, ATC applies braking force to that wheel and redistributes power to keep you moving and in control.

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)

This technology reduces stopping distances by detecting passengers or heavier loads and then automatically increasing the rear-braking force to deliver predictable and consistent stopping performance.

Battery Safety

The i-MiEV's batteries are placed in a waterproof battery pack that is located inside the body frame and enclosed in a well-crib frame to protect against impact damage from any direction. The i-MiEV is also fitted with a circuit breaker that cuts all power to the battery in the event of the cars sensors detecting a serious collision. As an example power would be cut from the battery if the airbags deploy. All charging connections are rated to IP55 so charging i-MiEV in the rain is no problem.

RISE Safety

The i-MiEV gives you the ability to transport people in comfort and in safety. It is built using Mitsubishi's RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) frame to ensure that it protects the occupants in the case of an accident.



  • 4 Seats
  • Efficient electric motor
  • Zero CO2 emissions
  • Charge at home
  • Optional Sat Nav
  • 6 airbags