Ralliart Technology

Mivec Engine

Cast from aliminium the 2.0 lightweight turbo charge Mivec engine produces 177kw @ 6,000 rpm and 342nm of torque at 4,725 rpm. The turbocharger contains a titanium wheel to deliver exceptional response time at lower revs.

The Mivec system utilises a direct action valvle train for additional weight reduction and optimal power, and also operates on the exhaust valves as well as he intake valves.

The benefit of this is an increase in fuel efficiency and lower emissions across the engines operating range.

AWC All Wheel Control System

Thanks to the sophisticated AWC system, the Lancer Ralliart range allows you to drive in ways you didn't think were physically possible.

The AWC system is made up of 3 independant systems working together and operated via the vehicles ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to give you handling that defies belief.

The Active Centre Differential (ACD) determine the optimal torque split between the front and rear axles. It then distributes this through the hydraulic multi-plate cluthc.

The ACD works in three modes -tarmac, gravel and snow -to enable quicker control response for changes in road surfaces.

TC-SST -Twin Clutch Sport Shift Transmission

The lancer ralliart range features Mitsubishi's new TC-SST technology, which provides split second gear shifting and instant response.

It uses 2 input gear shafts that house 1st, 3rd, 5th and recerse on 2 shaft, and 2nd, 4th, and 6th gear on another. These gears are connected to an electronically controlled clutch. This allows consecutive gears to be preloaded in advance to offer quicker shifts.

The TC-SST operates in 2 modes: normal mode is the default engine start and is generally used for day-day driving. Sport mode is the optimal choice for sport driving with gear changes and accelerator response quicker than normal mode.

Lancer Evolution

Lancer Ralliart

Lancer Ralliart Sporback

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